Activities and Events

The Masjid As Habul Yameen has opened for Congregational and Jumah prayers.

General Instructions:

We strongly recommend that No persons under 14 nor over 70, as well as those living with seniors attend any prayers in the Masjid at this time.

No person who tested positive for Covid-19, and no person who is sick or exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory infection.


Prior to arriving or entering Masjid:

You must have wudu and ready for prayers, a mask which must be worn at all times, a prayer rug to use for your prayers or when sitting down, and a bag for your shoes.

Please place your shoes in the bag and keep them with you at all times.


Observe signs and announcements by those in authority:

Social Distancing must be observed at all times, 6 feet apart front to back and side to side. No physical contact whatsoever, and please limit contact with surfaces, doors, etc.


Please leave after your Congregational prayers to allow those who would be waiting to come inside for their prayers as well, and to allow our Janitors sanitize all areas contacted by the congregation prior to the next prayer times.


We reserve to right to remove or deny entry to anyone who does not abide by these rules.

Masjid As Habul Yameen April 2 2021